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Roof Restoration Services

The roof is considered one of the most critical components of the house. It directly protects residents from either the direct heat from the sun or the chilling rainwater during the wet seasons. Since it is directly above us, it is also exposed to a lot of heat and moisture content, causing it to wear out over time by showing signs of rust, moulds, and discolouration.

The lifespan of a roof greatly depends on the kind of raw material from where it was derived. Each type has its own way of maintenance and protection. Some may last for a couple of years or others a decade, so to speak.

There are a lot of ways of restoring a roof. By common sense, restoration is keeping the original material in place and applying what is necessary to protect it or maintain its vibrant colour. A lot of special materials are used to cover the roof aside from painting or retouching it with special ingredients combined to make it appear better as it was before.

Roof restoration defined

It involves three distinct stages which are cleaning, repairing and re-coating a roof. Cleaning would mean removing all unwanted dust, debris, moulds, and rust by any means before someone can proceed with the next step. Failure to do the first part will prove all other applications futile since foreign materials will eventually lessen quality finish because previously applied materials will not last long, knowing that any form of dirt will just dominate the whole process.

Repairing on the other hand also involves a lot of work. A restoration employee will likely inspect first the status of the roof. If and when it is badly bent, broken or damaged, it has to be replaced with a new one. In cases where something can still be done, removing it from the rest of the structure is not a good option.

The final stage which is re-coating involves applying additional paint on existing paint jobs. The purpose of the first coating is to cover and protect the surface of the roof like when you are using a galvanised iron roofing. The second coating holds the first coating in place for extra strength and protection. The last layer gives the gloss or shine to the roof for a quality finish.

Cost of labour excluding materials

Some roof restoration in Melbourne and in other inner or outer states of Australia would incur between $55 to $65 per square metre for tile roof repairs. The prize would vary depending on the size of the structure to be worked on. An average sized house can cost $2500-$3000. Larger jobs would eventually require between $4500 to $11000.

Period or duration of work

The time needed to restore a roof is dependent on the weather condition. Workers cannot work directly or immediately if it is raining. A tiny drop or a large amount of water is enough to ruin a particular paint job since it is considered a universal solvent. It dissolves almost anything that will come in contact with. However, if the weather cooperates, the restoration could last between two to three days.

How to know if the roof needs replacement

This information is dependent upon the amount of damage on your roof. Minor or limited damage can be repaired or fixed by a roof professional. However, when you personally notice that a hail manages to penetrate your structure, then it is due time to decide to replace it with a stronger roof material.