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Questions To Ask During Your Air Conditioning Installation In Toowoomba

Sooner or later, changing or upgrading your air conditioning unit is necessary. Hence, hiring the best professionals in Toowoomba is necessary to ensure that the installation will be done accurately. During the installation, or best before it starts, asking questions is important to ensure that you will get the right kind of service you need.

If you failed to ask questions, you may end up full of regret why you entrusted your air conditioning installation to them. Do not worry, though as experts understand why you need to ask them questions before and during the project.

To help you further, below are relevant questions you can ask the pros:

The warranty inclusions

You must know their warranty terms and the fine print too. You would not want to be disqualified just because you failed to follow the maintenance and service regulations they require to keep your warranty valid.

What type of air conditioning units they install

There are many types of air conditioning units in Toowoomba, and they have different installation procedures to follow. Make sure that the professional you will call is highly reliable installing the specific unit you have.

You may also want the installers to visit the space before the service to ask for the most suitable type of air-con to install. Apart from the type, you can ask for a good brand to consider as well.

How much do they charge?

Never let them start the project unless they provided you with an estimate of the total cost of installation. If the estimate they provided is far from your budget, negotiating or calling someone else is advised.

Is your company insured?

Aside from the license to install air conditioning in Toowoomba, you must ask if they have insurance. Their insurance can keep you from liabilities, from damage to your home due to improper installation to injuries of their employees.

Tip: It is easy to claim that they have even if they don’t; hence, it is best if you ask them to provide you with a copy of their insurance.

How long have you been providing air conditioning installation services?

The length of time they are in the industry of installing air conditioning says a lot about their expertise and experience. The competition in this industry is quite tight in Toowoomba, hence if they are not providing excellent service; their company has long been gone.

Can you provide me with timelines?

Timelines are necessary whether the installation will happen in your business facility or at home. Asking when they will start and approximate hours or days they need to finish the project is necessary. This question is not to rush their service or work, but to set your expectations in terms of timing. 

Is there someone who will check on the unit after the installation completion?

Most of the time, professional installers come back to check whether the unit is working properly or not, this they do after thirty days or two months.  This is important to ensure that they will redo their job in case the air con is not functioning to its purpose.

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