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How Perth Transportable Homes are Delivered to Site

Perth transportable homes are delivered by truck to designated sites after built in manufacturing facilities. The transport stress is countered by additional bracing along with the constructed engineered sub-floor of transportable homes.

As with standard-built homes, the same high-quality is with transportable homes as they are installed on permanent footings. The difference is the quick time to build transportable homes compared to traditionally-built homes.

The Contrast between Transportable Homes and Modular Homes

Transportable homes and modular homes are often seen as similar. However, there’s a contrast between the two to distinguish one from the other. While you can move modular homes, their built and design is for it to be permanently installed on the chosen site.

Transportable homes are built and designed to be relocated as needed. This makes them a good option if you are often subjected to job relocations.

Transporting a Transportable Home to the Site

Safety is ensured by a pilot vehicle as the truck carrying your transportable home is delivered to the site. The route going to your site is painstakingly mapped out for the delivery truck to avoid unsuitable roads, low bridges, and low tunnels.

This means that a straight path towards your site will not be possible at all times. Other factors that affect the straight travel include:

  • Power line works
  • Travel time restrictions
  • More convoy trucks needed
  • A Permit from the road authority
  • Traffic control

Traffic control is a must when the route of delivery has to pass through highly- populated locations. Delays can be avoided when traffic control requires the delivery to be made in the early morning hours.

Delivery Pricing

Delivery charges are usually included in the sale of transportable homes if the distance from your site to the facility is up to 150 km.

However, extra charges are included if traffic control or more escort transport is needed to deliver the transportable home. You can have this reviewed with your chosen manufacturer to determine if you need to pay extra for delivery.

Generally, requirements of the route, distance, and size of the transportable home are the determinants for delivery charges. The manufacturer will discuss additional transportation expenses during the design phase of your transportable home.

Use of a Crane

Generally, cranes are not needed to help with the delivery of transportable homes. Your chosen manufacturer will send out a team to your site before delivery to assess and determine if the services of a crane are needed to unload your transportable home.

The expense of hiring a crane depends on the location of the site and the distance the crane has to reach to unload your transportable home.

Delivery time

Delivery time is determined by the distance of the location. The proximity of your site to the manufacturer can take a one-day or three-days delivery time. The manufacturer will discuss this with you if your site needs considerable travel from the facility.

Most manufacturers of transportable homes deliver outside Perth. If you are in the market for a transportable home, we are here to help you choose the right design and size. If you are not sure if a transportable home can be delivered to your location, we are here to help. We invite you to call Aus Wide Transportable homes in Perth for more information.