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Choosing the right caravan awning

A full sized caravan awning can provide ample space for your caravan by doubling up the floor space. This allows caravan owners to have room for extra storage and can greatly increase the living space. The main benefit of buying an awning for the caravan is that these are available in different sizes, shapes and designs.

Caravan owners have the option of choosing simple porch awnings which as the name suggests resemble a mall porch in a home. These offer simple benefits like shade from the sun and a place under which one can sit and enjoy the great outdoors. On the other hand some owners who have a bigger budget can get full sized awning along with annexes with additional rooms as well. It all comes down to the budget and the choice of the caravan owners. Awning can attach easily to the caravan with the help of cord fasteners.

Awnings can be designed from a variety of materials. These day’s people are using awnings designed from composite materials and light weight fabrics. This allows owners of small caravans to use awnings without having to worry about the additional load on their vehicle.

Which type of caravan awning should you go for?

Before you make a choice, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would it be more of a sun shade or a wind breaker for holidays?
  • Would you like it to offer some storage space for wet clothes and boots?
  • Would the awning be used for some other purpose like an outdoor dining area or perhaps ample space to allow people to sleep outside the caravan?
  • Also how many people would it require to handle the awning? For someone who prefers to travel alone a porch owning would be a better option. On the other hand if you and your group are avid travelers then a full sized awning with an annex is a great option.
  • Is the size of the caravan compatible with the awning which the owner would like to buy?
  • Also is the awning durable enough to with stand the elements. If someone is always on the go, they might want to invest in an awning which is sturdier and durable.
  • When you buy caravan awnings make sure you get the measurements right. Awnings which are custom made are always a better option then buying commercial ones.
  • Also care must be taken when choosing the materials for the awning. There is a choice between choosing awnings deigned from acrylic material, canvas or cotton. While some awnings are made entirely of the same material there are those which are designed of different materials. There are pros and cons to each of these material. Acrylic is a better option because it’s more durable yet it’s expensive. Cotton on the other hand is natural and allows for more air to pass through. 
  • Choose awning which are designed with precision and comprise of zips because zips allow for easier installation and setting up.

Keep all these things in mind when buying caravan awnings.