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Best Residential Architects

Our way of living has become one of the most important needs today since to choose a house you must consider the large space and the finishes. An example of this is the residential, places located in numerous areas that meet all needs

Residential Architecture focuses on the design of homes, from single-family homes to apartment complexes. There are a number of issues typical of residential architecture, and there is great demand for specialised residential architects.

Residential architects must think about everything related to building codes, suitable areas to build, security issues and functionality aspects. The architect must also have the ability to work with his clients to develop houses that respect the needs and expectations of each client since each one has a list of needs and requirements for a home.

Characteristics of residential architecture

  • It is an architectural style dedicated to the majority use of existing materials and classic constructions.
  • Prioritise the economy of materials for the creation of elements of intermediate duration and high resistance to use, unlike those that would be used for the construction of a shopping centre, to name an example.
  • Also, this style is characterised by striking and eye-catching shapes, above all: bow-window windows, porches, eaves, blinds instead of shutters, wooden openings instead of aluminium or resins, stones, bricks seen and other materials.

Characteristics of residential housing

  • Luxurious, modern finishes or to own taste of the owner of the house.
  • Wide terrain.
  • Wide spaces, well distributed and assigned to specific needs (office, room, study room, and even libraries).
  • Gardens to live together.
  • Independent rooms for each member.

Wide surfaces

The land is one of the most important bases for a residential, it requires a medium or large space to carry out this type of construction that allows a good distribution of the rooms.

Usually, these types of buildings are carried out in large areas so they cannot be part of private neighbourhoods or small communities.

Luxurious and modern finishes

The residential must comply with the style that the owner chooses, it can be elegant, innovative, modern or even minimalist, this makes each of the buildings different.

Luxurious, minimalist, modern or classic styles can be generated, everything depends on the decisions made by the owner in coordination with the architect.


Each of its rooms is divided to offer a unique and different space, always according to the chosen design.

However, the residences have to have their own garage, entrance hall, a large room and kitchen, library, and if the owner requires it with an office.

Spaces to live

The gardens, swimming pools, and any exterior installation is one of the essential requirements of a residential, as it maintains a social and relaxing environment for the owner and his guests.

Each era has marked a style both in customs and in the way people dress, in art and of course in the styles of houses and buildings in general.

In this aspect of architecture, there are trends and styles that mark the design. The conception of each project, according to the time it takes place, will demand that concessions be made in the way of designing the facades, the distribution of the rooms, the annexes of terraces and galleries, the construction materials to be used, the construction systems ; also the style of furniture and interior decoration.