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Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane- Saving on electricity bills

Air conditioners use a great deal of electricity. All of us would like to save money on electricity bills. There are several ways you could do so. Saving electricity also helps save energy, enabling you to do your bit for the environment. While you don’t exactly have to go without electricity to lower the bills, but using it wisely can make a whole lot of difference.

The expert at air conditioning installation in Brisbane give the following advice to anyone looking to lower their utility bills. According to them an air conditioner isn’t the only appliance which sues a lot of electricity.

  • The refrigerator in your home is responsible for consuming the major part of electricity in your homes. So make sure that the energy saver switch is turned on. The freezer settings should be adequate as well. During the cooler months make sure you lower the settings so that the fridge doesn’t use up too much of electricity.
  • Avoid using the hot water option on the washing machine. This would put less load on the machine. Too much electricity is used to heat up the water. Washing clothes on cold or warm settings can help balance out the energy.
  • When using the cooling unit make sure to use adequate temperatures. The same goes for heating systems. Sometimes when the weather is too hot, we put our air conditioners on the lowest settings, this can make the electricity bills go up pretty high. If possible install a ceiling fan so that the air can circulate in the room and the air conditioner doesn’t have to use up too much of energy. The best temperature settings are around 26 degree Celsius.
  • Clean the filters of the cooling units on a regular basis. Not cleaning the filters means additional dirt and debris which can clog the filters and make it difficult to cool the room. Replace filters when necessary and make sure you wash the filters every three or four weeks. Also get your air conditioner services at least twice a month to maintain its efficiency. Well maintained appliances use less energy and thus help in lowering the bill.
  • Use energy savers in your home. Replace the usual lighting system with energy savers. It can allow you to save up on some cash as well. Plus energy savers have a long life efficiency because they use less wattage and are designed to be sturdier then usual bulbs.
  • When buying electrical appliances keep an eye out for ones which have a higher energy star rating. These appliances can help save up almost thirty to fifty percent on electricity.
  • Instead of using drapes during the day, allow the natural light to stream in. this would mean you don’t have to switch on the lights ever too often. You can even make use of dimmers. These allow the light intensity to be controlled.

If you keep the above mentioned practices in mind and try to implement these, you would definitely be surprised to see a drop in the utility bills. For more information and ensuring your home is more energy efficient, make sure you talk to the experts at air conditioning installation in Brisbane.